Sunday, 6 July 2014

Budding or not?

This is  an image of probably Haynesina germanica . Is was an empty test found in a deposition zone in Poole Harbour. Each Summer these tests and those of some others like Elphidium Williamsoni are found on the shores of the Harbour.

I have always assumed that the capsules were the primary chambers of  a budding adult but I cant find very good images around  the net to confirm this can anyone help . Brian Darnton.

The  foram is ot cleaned  but  mounted in Canada Balsam without pressure  .

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Brian Darnton said...

I have been contacted by a friend in Lisbon Portugal and he has been kind enough to send me good information on the attachments to foram tests in Poole harbour. He is certain that the creatures are flat worm egg cases (turbellarian egg cases)He also suggests that they may be linked o areas of oil pollution, and that there have been several studies on them by professionals. In Poole the actual attachments can also be seen as a series of black spots when the attachments have eroded. I am very grateful for this information. BD