Monday, 2 February 2009

Geometry of the Diatom Frustule on BBC BASIC

Some Time ago I wrote a little article on playing with Diatom shapes on THE BASIC computer programmes. It was more intended to be a little Christmas fun for microscopists at a time when I was looking at fractals..
The work was published on MICSCAPE UK and is still in their data base under my name (B.Darnton). Several people had fun writing in both BBC BASIC and QBASIC using the relevent language. Recently a friend drew my attention to the fact that a new BBC BASIC is available at . This will run within MS WINDOWS. A free download of a trial version can be accessed as well as the full programme which of course needs a fee. There is much advice on how to use it under HELP but one of the improved features is the automatic colour coding of words so that for example line numbers appear in one colour and words of command in orange etc. The result is that mistakes like incorrect case use, or bad spelling, stand out in the wrong colour which is very useful when writing the programmes.
I hope to be able to upload both the images produced, as well as images of the programmes. These will not copy in text form :I left them as an image in order to demonstrate the colour code effect. These programmes will run on the free download from R.T.Russell and unless developed do not require the ull programme.
NOTE If you would like to watch the development of the running programmes then insert a line
WAIT 10 anywere in the loop before the NEXT line.


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