Friday, 18 April 2008

The Fleet Lagoon near Weymouth Dorset U.K.

  • This photo shows the shallowness of this part of the fleet. The image was taken at low tide.
    Please click on the image for a larger version. The Light coloured deposits can be seen on the aerial maps of the area as seen on the web. Live Maps may be used by either searching or clicking. See link below.

The red dots outline the very rich and extensive deposition sites. The species found are very similar to those of the estuarine sites of Dorset like Poole Harbour, but the arenaceous types are less numerous than at Poole.
The Village of East Fleet with its literary connections and ancient churches is an enchanting place. There are fossil types here but floatation has been used to reject them.

This is a photo of the water surface during the last stage of floatation, using material from East Fleet. It is a rich collection.

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